kids today google, not giggle. they play angry birds instead of getting angry AT birds. they all have an ipad but no iq. not even one. they playstation but they never play station. i.e. one pretending to be a train and the others pretending to be different trains or low paid maintenance workers. they’re obsessed with one direction, rather than enjoying all eight directions equally. facebook… but unable to face… a book. or a hoop with a stick. a lost generation. the tv show.

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"Some names will always taste bitter." - 6 Word Poem About Love, by Devyn Springer (via perfect)

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  • *in principals office*
  • principal: Have a seat.
  • me: thank you *picks up chair and leaves*

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hey who wants to start a gang

ill ask my mom

my mom wants to talk to your mom just to make sure its okay

my mom said its ok as long as im back before supper

my mom volunteers to carpool

can you pick me up my mom wants to see who is taking me

my mom wants to know if it’s an over night thing and who’s house we’re staying at

My mom says she can do snacks for us

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This is so accurate it hurts
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